Heartbeat monitors, speed and velocity trackers, health & wellness questionnaires… in today’s world of professional sports, there’s a ton of data coming in from all directions. And with so many different raw data sources, it can be tough to organize and analyze all of those disparate metrics.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your data stored on a single platform, so you can easily consolidate, compare and analyze all of the essential data points?

Data analysis and visualization platform RockDaisy is proud to offer an Athlete Management System (AMS) which does exactly that. Already used by teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and professional soccer clubs, RockDaisy’s AMS integrates all external data onto a single platform. Data reporting and analytics just got a whole lot easier.

Some advantages of RockDaisy’s AMS include:

  • Quickly upload and seamlessly connect to your strength & conditioning and health & wellness data.
  • Integrations with most third party data providers, including Catapult, Zebra, Force Decks, First Beats, Nordboard, Groin Bar, and many others.
  • Fully customizable questionnaires and data entry forms.
  • Scheduling component that includes email and SMS alerts for players and coaches.
  • Fully responsive, out-of-the-box application that works on any device including desktop, mobile and tablet.

We built our AMS module alongside strength & conditioning coaches and trainers from teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, USL and MLB. Our platform was developed with their input, for their specific needs. And with a combined 20+ years running the data analytics team at the NFL, RockDaisy’s founders understand the unique demands of the Sports industry.

With that in mind, we built our platform to ensure that all data is 100% secure. Leverage our secure cloud infrastructure or an on-premise installation option, which very few data visualization platforms offer.

RockDaisy puts the power of athletic performance data analysis at your fingertips.

For more information about RockDaisy’s products and services, please visit our website at http://www.RockDaisy.com/AMS