Organizations invest a considerable amount of time and resources into the creation of reports, which analyze and clarify financial goals, business practices, marketing impacts, and other pertinent information. The organization disseminates these reports both internally (to staff) and externally (to clients). But how are the reports being used by clients and staff? Is all of that time and effort spent generating the reports actually worth it?


RockDaisy has developed built-in activity tracking, which displays a wide range of user engagement metrics. Our out-of-the-box usage dashboard tracks how many users view or save a report, the specific date and time, which tabs or cells they clicked into, what device they viewed the report on, etc.

With RockDaisy’s built-in activity tracking, organizations can tailor their reporting to meet customer needs and preferences. For example, say a majority of clients view reports on their mobile device – reports can then be designed with mobile-first in mind. Or perhaps clients are exporting and printing reports at a high rate – reports can be condensed to fit one or two pages, in order to improve the user experience.

Additionally, organizations can track how employees engage with reports to optimize workflow and reduce the amount of time and resources spent generating future reports. If employees are under-utilizing certain sections, for example, those can be folded into others in the report, or eliminated altogether.

RockDaisy’s built-in activity tracking stores all user engagement in the platform’s database for fast and easy access. Users can filter across a range of variables to see see who is looking at specific reports, or even which data points are being analyzed within a given report.

RockDaisy’s built-in activity tracking stores every pertinent data point: from log-ins and log-outs to which filters are used, to when users saved and shared reports. In addition to the platform’s built-in capabilities, admin can create their own usage dashboard with the stored data, for customized visualizations of user engagement.

Like all RockDaisy products, our built-in activity tracking was designed to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology enables anyone – even the non-tech user – to easily track user engagement.

End Result

Once organizations understand how both clients and staff are interfacing with their reporting, they can tailor their reports to meet the needs and preferences of each. They can even do away with reports that are being ignored altogether, saving valuable operational time and resources.

RockDaisy’s built-in activity tracking improves organizational efficiency and enhances the overall user experience – a pair of metrics that directly impact operational cost and customer retention efforts.

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