July 10, 2024

At Prentiss Human Performance, achieving peak athletic performance requires more than just strength training. A decade ago, their primary focus was on building strength, operating under the assumption that increased strength led to improved speed and other performance metrics.

However, over time, Prentiss Human Performance recognized the critical importance of a data-driven approach to accurately quantify performance metrics. This shift has allowed them to move away from reliance on paper records, significantly improving the organization and efficiency of their operations. 

By leveraging advanced data analysis, they can now tailor their training programs with precision, ensuring that their athletes achieve optimal performance gains.

Top Three Benefits of Prentiss Human Performance Using the RockDaisy Athlete Management System

1. Data-Driven Performance Improvements:

“The biggest shift in our programming has been the use of data.”

— Prentiss Human Performance

  • RockDaisy has enabled us to quantify performance metrics, leading to significant improvements such as an increase in sprint speed and improvements in jump height. This data-driven approach ensures our athletes receive the most effective and tailored training.

RockDaisy AMS can easily compare athletes’ most recent score to their baseline. (for any metric)

2. Streamlined Processes and Centralized Data Management:

“RockDaisy has streamlined our processes, moving us from paper records and spreadsheets to a centralized digital system.”

— Prentiss Human Performance

  • The platform allows us to store, access, and analyze data efficiently. 
  • RockDaisy’s third party API integrations further enhance our ability to sync and manage performance data seamlessly.

Integrate Third-Party Api’s and Excel files seamlessly. You can also use RockDaisy’s data collection forms to manually enter data. All reports are updated instantly.

3. Enhanced Athlete Care and Business Efficiency:

“RockDaisy has allowed us to function like a sports science department without needing additional staff.”

— Prentiss Human Performance

  • The wellness check-in feature provides daily updates on athletes’ hydration, sleep, and stress levels, enabling personalized adjustments to training. This not only improves athlete performance but also shows our commitment to their overall well-being.
  • From a business perspective, RockDaisy has enabled us to deliver high-quality training and maintain strong professional relationships without the need for additional staff, acting as a comprehensive sports science department.

RockDaisy Readiness forms ensure athletes are ready to perform. Athletes can enter information direct from their mobile device.

In summary, Prentiss Human Performance’s integration of the RockDaisy Athlete Management System has revolutionized their approach to athletic training. By embracing a data-driven methodology, they have not only enhanced the precision and effectiveness of their training programs but also significantly improved the organization and efficiency of their operations. 

Join the ranks of elite athletes who trust Prentiss Human Performance to help them reach new heights. Experience the benefits of their advanced training programs and discover how their data-driven approach can transform your athletic performance

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