May 15, 2024

RockDaisy, the data analysis and visualization platform designed specifically for strength coaches, sport coaches, sport scientists, and researchers – is proud to announce that Spellman Performance has selected RockDaisy as their preferred Athlete Management System (AMS). This selection will extend across speed camps, performance centers, and other organizations they collaborate with.

Spellman Performance will use RockDaisy’s AMS to collect, centralize and analyze performance testing data, allowing them to optimize athlete performance.

“RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System and team have been phenomenal to work with, and we are already better due to the ability to centralize much of our data. We have yet to find a limitation to what they can do.”

— Les Spellman, Founder of Spellman Performance

The RockDaisy AMS platform helps organizations ensure their athletes are ready to perform at their best. By consolidating, compiling and visually presenting data RockDaisy AMS provides organizations with the analytical tools they need to make informed decisions that will optimize results.

About RockDaisy LLC

Founded in 2014 by the two developers of the NFL’s analytics services. RockDaisy is a New York based company and is proud to be the analytics & visualization platform for a growing number of sports organizations across the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NHSSCA and other elite sports leagues around the world. For more information, visit

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