When analyzing a report or dashboard on most data visualization tools, users can typically view the data without any issues. However, once the user wants to drill deeper into the data to better understand where the specific numbers originate from, that’s when problems tend to arise.

For example, when decision makers analyze a report on quarterly performance metrics, they typically only see final outcomes (revenue, operational costs, earnings, etc.). Decision makers often have follow-up questions related to top-line numbers, and would like to immediately inspect supporting reports, dashboards, and source data. Without a robust set of interactive drilldown options, a disruption in workflow can arise.


The RockDaisy platform incorporates a data drilldown tool for easy access to source data or supporting dashboards/reports. By simply clicking into a specific data point or data set, users can go behind the numbers and explore the various sources that led to the final data outcomes.

As you can see in the image below, RockDaisy’s data drilldown supports deeper data inspection via a trio of methods: by table cell, by table row or by charts and maps.

RockDaisy’s data drilldown allows the user to easily click into a specific cell, an entire row, or a specific chart item (i.e. bar, pie slice, etc.) and learn the details behind that data. The drilldown can be presented as a table of information, similar to an Excel sheet, or as a whole new dashboard with its own sets of cells, rows and charts.

RockDaisy’s data drilldown feature encourages a unique data storytelling experience.

As with all RockDaisy products, our data drilldown tool was designed to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology enables anyone – even the non-tech user – to easily analyze source data without having to run new reports.

End Result

RockDaisy’s data drilldown tool empowers executives and key decision-makers to better understand what led to their data outcomes, which both increases efficiency and provokes faster decision-making.

In the digital age, speed of workflow is becoming increasingly important. RockDaisy’s data drilldown tool places data discovery at your fingertips, and enables users to make decisions quickly and effectively.

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