When companies present information, they often need to go behind the numbers to view supporting data and reports. This problem springs up all the time – when companies present to clients and there are questions about specific data sets, or when the data team is presenting internally, and decision-makers want to drill down into the numbers to get a handle on what’s driving outcomes.

In short, it can be challenging to fully understand data outcomes and keep track of the corresponding source data.


RockDaisy’s data analysis and visualization platform offers a real-time, interactive slideshow feature, which allows users to quickly and easily scan through the data being presented using page forward/backward arrows, located at the bottom of the dashboard.

Users of Microsoft’s PowerPoint will be familiar with a similar feature. However, unlike PowerPoint, RockDaisy’s slideshow presents data in real-time. That means users who want the details behind their data sets can simply click into a chart or graph and immediately view the source data, which originates from a raw data feed. If you’ve ever watched the news during a US presidential election, and you’ve seen the reporter click into a given state to display voting results by county, then you’re already familiar with the power of an advanced data slideshow feature. That’s the type of functionality that RockDaisy brings to your company presentation.

RockDaisy’s real-time interface also saves users time, because they never have to refresh reports and update numbers when making future presentations. RockDaisy pulls real-time data from a live feed, so the numbers will always be up-to-date.

RockDaisy clients use our slideshow feature to enhance their presentational capabilities. Clients can place the slideshow on a large touch screen and set it to auto-play, causing the screen to transition from slide to slide on a set time interval. The platform is interactive, so if employees, customers or decision-makers have questions about any chart, graph or data set, they can easily click into that component to bring up supporting data and additional reports.

As with all RockDaisy products, our slideshow feature was designed to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology enables anyone – even the non-tech user – to quickly and seamlessly present real-time source data.

End Result

With global industries growing more and more competitive, the difference between a sales conversion and a missed opportunity often comes down to presentational ability. How detailed was your delivery? Were you able to dig into the numbers in a dynamic, meaningful way, or did you simply rely on the static final outcomes? Did your potential customers exit the meeting with a robust understanding of your product or service, or did they still have lingering questions?

With RockDaisy’s real-time, interactive slideshow feature, companies can present their data in ways that leave a lasting impression. In the modern competitive business landscape, that lasting impression can make all the difference.

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