Companies and organizations serving multiple clients at the same time need to deliver similar reports (yet with different data points for each client). Creating a new report from scratch for each client is onerous and time consuming. Costs increase and productivity is reduced when companies generate new reports for every single client.


With that in mind, RockDaisy offers row-level security. Row-level security allows for organizations to run the exact same report for multiple clients, yet switch the data sets to match those of the corresponding client.

For example, say a company is presenting its marketing report to three different clients. With RockDaisy’s row-level security, the company need not produce three separate reports. Instead, the company can produce the exact same report for all three clients, and simply substitute the correct data sets in for each particular client.

As you can see in the image below, our custom fields tab even allows users to run a report with specified data sets.

When a user enters ‘Company A’ into the custom field tab, Company A’s data will appear. The user can then enter ‘Company B,’ and Company B’s data will be swapped in without the user having to run an entirely new report (that’s assuming the user has access to both companies’ data).

This simple and effective tool streamlines the development process and saves developers inordinate amounts of time. Additionally, maintenance becomes simplified; all a developer has to do is make a change to a single report, and that change will be recorded across all pertinent reports.

Competing data analysis tools maintain the same capability, but the process isn’t nearly as simple. Most other platforms mandate that multiple steps be taken in order to achieve the same output that RockDaisy achieves with a single custom field query. In short, RockDaisy simplifies an otherwise complicated process. Just enter any parameter into the custom field, and it will be used instantly by any query.

Like all RockDaisy products, our custom field option was designed to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology enables anyone – even the non-tech user – to easily switch between data sets without having to run new reports.

End Result

RockDaisy’s custom field option enables developers to make faster decisions and operate more fluidly, which both increases efficiency and saves companies on operational costs.

RockDaisy is always searching for ways to save developers time, and our custom field option is just one example of how our platform streamlines what would otherwise be a complicated and time-consuming process.

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