November 29, 2022

RockDaisy – the data analysis and visualization platform specifically designed for sport coaches, sports scientists/ researchers and executive decision makers – is pleased to announce that Macrodemic – the venture investor focused on sports and live events – is investing into the company to support its growth ambitions.

“RockDaisy has a tremendous track record of innovation in customizable analytics with some of the most successful franchises in professional sports. As sports science moves from a luxury to a critical requirement for any team that wishes to stay competitive, RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System is poised to be the market leader in this vital segment.”

— Sandy Khaund, Principal and Co-Founder of Macrodemic

RockDaisy was founded by the two developers who built and supported the NFL’s sports data infrastructure and league-wide analytic services. In 2014, they left the NFL to create RockDaisy. The RockDaisy platform delivers in-depth data management and analysis with a streamlined interface and simple drag-and-drop technology.

“RockDaisy’s objective is to deliver a superior sports analytics and visualization product that captures, compiles and presents information specifically designed for every level of operation and decision making in a sports enterprise. With investment and support from Macrodemic RockDaisy is excited to embark on its next phase of growth.“

— Chris Tanck, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of RockDaisy LLC

About RockDaisy LLC

RockDaisy is a New York based company and is proud to be the software provider of choice to a growing number of sports organizations throughout the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and other elite sports leagues around the world.

Contact Information:

Chris Tanck
RockDaisy LLC