October 25, 2023

John Estok, Chair of the Physical Education Department and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn Charter was so busy collecting athlete data, that he and his coaches had no time to analyze it.

“We have 400 students training at any time,” explains Coach Estok. “We have GPS data, and we integrate with different velocity-based training devices. We were managing everything offline with Google Sheets and Google Docs – but these programs weren’t communicating with each other.”  In the end, we ended up just collecting data and not analyzing it.

“When it came to athlete data, we were stuck at the ‘what’ – as in what is going on here – and couldn’t get to the ‘why’ – as in, why was this happening?”

— John Estok, Chair of the Physical Education Department and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn Charter

Coach Estok discovered RockDaisy at a strength and conditioning conference and found that RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System (AMS) was cost-effective for high school use.

Integration and Flexibility

Coach Estok’s main objective in incorporating RockDaisy was to offer a customizable and user-friendly platform for analyzing GPS and velocity training data collected by his staff.

“We don’t utilize the same amount of data as an NFL team,” Coach Estok explains. “As a result we weren’t getting a lot of support from our previous providers. We were a small fish in a big pond.”

“The customer service provided by the RockDaisy team is unmatched”

— Coach John Estok

“The customer service provided by the RockDaisy team is unmatched” says Coach Estok. “With other platforms, they just give you something out of the box and you’re expected to run with it.”

In addition to being highly customizable, the platform easily integrates with numerous third-party APIs. That means Coach Estok can upload raw data right to RockDaisy’s AMS, and the dashboards are instantly available for analysis.

RockDaisy API Synchronization

“What used to take an hour to prepare GPS data has now been streamlined with RockDaisy. I can directly access my dashboards and view the data instantly.”

— Coach John Estok

Customizable RockDaisy AMS dashboard

How Attendance Impacts Performance

Coach Estok understands how impactful attendance is at the high school level when it comes to athlete performance.

RockDaisy Daily Attendance Report

For example, one athlete might be considered Tier 2, but only after visualizing attendance data will coaches realize that the athlete hasn’t been showing up to training enough. Armed with that information, coaches can approach the athlete, get his attendance level up, and suddenly he’s a Tier 1 athlete.

“There is an assumption amongst sports scientists that the athletes are going to show up,” notes Coach Estok. “At the high school level, the motivations are very different, as a result we need to demonstrate to coaches, “Here’s what the data is indicating, and here’s how the kids can get better.’” That type of holistic data visualization is only possible through RockDaisy.

Improved Time Management

A significant time management oversight among coaches is neglecting the time required to manage the technology used for data capture. Setting up, implementing, and monitoring GPS data, velocity trackers, and jump mats require a significant amount of time.

A primary advantage of RockDaisy is its ability to alleviate the hidden administrative workload for coaches. This is especially helpful for high school programs.

RockDaisy’s AMS allows automated email delivery of data to coaches, eliminating the need for manual data and report distribution.

RockDaisy Subscription functionality automates the delivery of reports to coaches

“Most coaches in high schools have other responsibilities, as a result, there’s limited time to manually break down data. RockDaisy instantly presents data in a usable format.”

“RockDaisy instantly presents data in a usable format.”

— Coach John Estok

Coach Estok is pleased with RockDaisy’s time management benefit and views it as a pivotal factor for the platform’s future growth.

About Penn Charter

Established in 1689, the William Penn Charter School is the fifth-oldest school in America, and the oldest Quaker school in the world. The school boasts 28 varsity teams representing 17 sports, and is proud to educate nearly 1,000 students from over 100 zip codes in America.

For more information, visit them at their website.

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