Problem When companies present information, they often need to go behind the numbers to view supporting data and reports. This problem springs up all the time – when companies present to clients and there are questions about specific data sets, or when the data team is presenting internally, and decision-makers want to drill down into [...]
Problem Organizations invest a considerable amount of time and resources into the creation of reports, which analyze and clarify financial goals, business practices, marketing impacts, and other pertinent information. The organization disseminates these reports both internally (to staff) and externally (to clients). But how are the reports being used by clients and staff? Is all [...]
During our 20+ years building and running the Data Analytics department for the NFL, we were able to observe how data is transmitted from one organization to another. The League Office would provide each team with player contracts, which the teams could then incorporate into their budget forecasting. However, the numbers assigned by the league [...]