Problem Companies and organizations serving multiple clients at the same time need to deliver similar reports (yet with different data points for each client). Creating a new report from scratch for each client is onerous and time consuming. Costs increase and productivity is reduced when companies generate new reports for every single client. Solution With [...]
When most people think of data analysis tools, they think of exploratory platforms like Tableau and Microsoft’s PowerBI -- powerful tools capable of digging deep into data sets and extracting nuanced information across a range of variables. The only problem is, they weren’t designed to be executive level or client-facing; the user interface requires an [...]
‘Sports Science’ is a popular buzz-term around league offices across all major sports. Thanks to advancements in medical testing and wearable tech, coaches can now peer deeper into a player’s performance than ever before. In fact, they can look right inside a player’s body and analyze his breathing, heart rate, hydration levels, etc. Currently there [...]