“RockDaisy AMS is a Data Game Changer!”

Coach Hoover was swimming in data.

The Director of Sports Performance at York Comprehensive High School in York, South Carolina, was using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to track his athletes’ performance.

When working with small amounts of data, Excel and Google Sheets work fine. But Coach Hoover was incorporating RPE, GPS, strength and conditioning reports, wellness questionnaires, etc., and quickly became overwhelmed—at one point bouncing back and forth between 17 different Google Sheets!

Time for a Change

Coach Hoover began working with another AMS platform as a workout builder but was frustrated by the UI/UX—too many clicks, too complicated to pull out the information he needed. That’s when Coach Hoover came across RockDaisy’s AMS Platform.

Coach Hoover started using RockDaisy, and found it to be superior to other AMS platforms.

“It was so turn-key, We use a lot of technology, and the thing that drags you down is when you’re swimming in data and metrics.”

— Coach Hoover

RockDaisy made it so simple, you’re just downloading and uploading data. That’s it, no more living in the “weeds” of data. Instead of spending hours sifting through data and metrics, Coach Hoover can pull the information he needs, and focus on doing what he does best: coaching his athletes.

“It’s unlimited what you can do. It’s only limited by the time you have.“

— Coach Hoover

Wellness Monitoring

It has long been known that over-training leads to fatigue, which in turn leads to a higher probability of injury. What is less straightforward is how coaches can understand which players are more vulnerable to fatigue and injury.

Wellness questionnaires provide a reliable means of identifying athlete readiness and measuring the impact of non-physical conditions like stress and mental fatigue. RockDaisy’s wellness questionnaires help coaches track crucial metrics like athlete sleep patterns, mood, stress indicators, and other critical information.

Full Intensity

Teaching high school kids what full intensity is, and how to sustain it, is no easy task. Coach Hoover is cognizant of the old maxim that if you ask someone to give you 70%, they’re likely to give you 50%. If you ask for 90%, they will give you everything they’ve got. So you have to constantly be monitoring your athletes and ensuring that they are putting forth their best effort, while still maintaining enough in the tank to finish strong.

“If you start slow and build in a progression of how this is going to work and teach them–just like you would in a classroom, the athletes are going to understand what you want out of the situation.”

— Coach Hoover

When it comes to RPE, Coach Hoover’s most useful tool is the customizable RockDaisy wellness questionnaires and surveys, because they help find outliers. If someone typically answers 6 or 7 (out of 10) for a given question, and then one day puts down a 9 or a 10, you’re going to want to have a conversation about what got him there.

The key to getting results from surveys is establishing consistency on the scoring criteria, then looking for outliers to ignite conversations. RockDaisy simplifies this process by enabling the distribution of surveys, so respondents can submit answers from any device. (desktop, mobile, tablet) This helps ensure consistent reporting.

RPE is an invaluable tool, and RockDaisy’s reporting features empower coaches to pinpoint outliers without sifting through a mountain of data.


Distance, intensity, overall workload—these metrics are captured by GPS devices. Now more than ever coaches are leveraging these metrics to enhance athlete performance. Below are some dashboards that Coach Hoover utilizes when visualizing GPS data

Athlete Metric Comparison Analysis dashboard compares an athlete’s performance against their peer group for any metric selected. This dashboard also shows a longitudinal view of the data for the date range and provides a comparison against the athlete’s average.

Report Card dashboard is used to gain a holistic understanding of an athlete’s performance for a set of metrics against a given group. The bar graph illustrating the most recent five entries, enables the coach and/or athlete to gain an understanding of where they are and how they are progressing.

Coach Hoover uses GPS trackers during practice. This data gets loaded into RockDaisy via the platform’s Excel upload template. Once the GPS data is loaded, it is seamlessly processed and can be viewed across a range of dashboard templates.

RockDaisy also provides dashboards and leaderboards for coaches to leverage strength and conditioning data. This data can be used to drive healthy competition and provide feedback to athletes about their improvement in the weight room.

“I can find the last time an athlete hit 90% of max velocity or peak acceleration so easily. You spend less time searching for things and more time analyzing and implementing.”

— Coach Hoover

RockDaisy AMS – Game Changer

RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System allows coaches to upload data automatically, build out the reports they want, and export data as needed to Excel and Adobe .PDF

Coach Hoover calls this “a game changer.”

Customer Support—the ‘Secret Sauce’

One of RockDaisy’s key differentiators is the unique level of customer support provided by the platform.

“The customer support is amazing. When I look at all the tech that I use, response time is a big factor. RockDaisy’s support team really blows it out of the water.” — Coach Hoover

About RockDaisy LLC

Founded in 2014 by the two developers of the NFL’s analytics services. RockDaisy is a New York based company and is proud to be the analytics & visualization platform for a growing number of sports organizations across the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and other elite sports leagues around the world.


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